Monthly Archive: June, 2014

A New Strategy

After what happened with the doughnuts last week, I have thought of a way to prevent this from happening again in the future. Ok this is it. I will always be keeping a… Continue reading

Getting too hungry

When I went to Weight Watchers (2008 and 2010), they taught me this fundamental fact. Never let yourself get too hungry. Why? Very hungry people don’t make good food choices! I know that… Continue reading

Eating out without the weight gain

We all know that restaurant and take away food isn’t always low in kilojoules. I love going out and it’s more for the company of friends and the ambience. Here’s how to enjoy… Continue reading

Incidental Exercise

For three out of seven days I have a desk job. So I don’t burn many calories at work. On these days I take every opportunity to walk as much as I can.… Continue reading