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Three years down the track

It’s been three years since my very first post on this blog. I’m now 50!! There’s been ups and downs. But at least I still have my curves. Kylie Advertisements

New daily activity

I now have a new daily activity, but it only takes me 15 minutes a day. This is Keisha. She is a 4 month old border collie. I try to walk her everyday.… Continue reading

Post Christmas

Firstly, Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been a busy week. I was busy getting my house Christmas ready, preparing Christmas lunch for my family and then cleaning up (well I did have some help… Continue reading

Weight Training

Friday is always weights day for me. As a women, I used to be cautious of weight training. I was worried about building up too much muscle. I reasoned that muscle sits under… Continue reading


I started ballet when I was three years old. I loved it and later on started jazz and tap as well. I continued with dancing classes until my mid twenties. I completed all… Continue reading


Well, I haven’t swam any laps in a long time. It’s probably been about a year. Since I can’t do any weight bearing exercise at the moment, I’ve decided to start swimming again.… Continue reading

My running experience

I starting running 7 years ago. First of all, I ran on a treadmill in a gym. I was desperate to lose my pregnancy weight gain. I did lose some weight. But I… Continue reading

Cross Trainer

With the weather in Sydney cold at the moment, I haven’t wanted to go outside much. A lot of my friends who live here prefer the winter, but not me. I’m doing most… Continue reading

Incidental Exercise

For three out of seven days I have a desk job. So I don’t burn many calories at work. On these days I take every opportunity to walk as much as I can.… Continue reading

Walking in Autumn Weather

A good way to start, especially if you haven’t been doing much exercise lately. The weather is starting to cool down in Sydney, so outside exercise is more pleasant of late. Me and… Continue reading