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Paleo Diet

There has been a lot said (mainly on social media) about this diet so I thought that it was worth a closer look. I found this article on Wikipedia and I thought that… Continue reading

Stop Eating Bread!

I’m serious! Bread today is full of chemicals to lengthen it’s shelf life. These chemicals are not good for you. I only eat bread occasionally now. The day I stopped eating bread was… Continue reading

Problem Solved

What do you do when your husband and kids are determined to have take away for dinner? This happens to me at least once a week. The other people in my family want… Continue reading

A little gem

I always have diet jelly in my pantry. I try to have some of it made up in my fridge at all times. Well I try. You see, my kids really like it… Continue reading

A New Strategy

After what happened with the doughnuts last week, I have thought of a way to prevent this from happening again in the future. Ok this is it. I will always be keeping a… Continue reading

Getting too hungry

When I went to Weight Watchers (2008 and 2010), they taught me this fundamental fact. Never let yourself get too hungry. Why? Very hungry people don’t make good food choices! I know that… Continue reading

Weigh you food

Weigh your food accurately. First things first, it’s a good idea to buy some digital kitchen scales. Then you can weigh your food portions accurately and add up the kilojoules that you have… Continue reading

Daily food plan

Creating a daily food plan – part 2 Now for the fun part. Adding the actual food and the kilojoule or calorie¬†value to your daily food plan. A lot of products on the… Continue reading


Always plan your daily food intake. Whenever I follow a plan I always lose weight. Whenever I stop following a plan the weight always piles back on. The first step is to work… Continue reading