My Weight Loss Story

 The start of my journey

I was always skinny as a child. However, at 40 years of age I was 15 kgs overweight. This was after the birth of my fourth child. The pregnancies had taken their toll. I had stacked on the weight. I couldn’t run or jump.

Losing weight in your forties is certainly a challenge. After many attempts I managed to lose 20 kgs.




Early Mistakes

At the end of 2007, I joined a gym. On my first visit I told the trainer that my goal was to lose 20 kgs. I thought that it would take 6 months to lose the weight.

Totally Wrong: it took me 6 years to lose the weight!

The first time I used a cross trainer, I thought that I would pass out. That was only after 5 mins. (Now I can do 20 mins on a cross trainer and not feel a thing.)

Within 3 weeks my cardio fitness was back. After 12 weeks of cardio work and lifting weights, I hadn’t even lost one kilo. Additionally, I had injured my knee and couldn’t exercise for a few weeks.

I was so angry and frustrated.

What was I doing wrong?

The problem was my diet. Over 40 years of age, you can’t lose weight by exercise alone. Even though my fitness had returned, I actually looked worse. I had built up muscle but hadn’t burnt off the fat that was on top of the muscle.

There are not many photos of me from this period of my life.  However, here is one photo that I have found.



Me at my biggest.

Me at my biggest.


Cycles of Weight Loss and Weight Gain.

From 2008 to 2011 my weight was up and down.

My decision to join Weight Watchers was made after a disastrous shopping trip to buy jeans. I didn’t fit into any of the jeans in the shop and was bluntly told by the shop assistant that I would probably have to go to a plus sizes shop.

I didn’t buy any jeans that day, however I decided to try Weight Watchers. I initially lost 15 kgs there.

Then I plateaued. Constantly logging my food had become very tedious and I wasn’t losing any more weight so I stopped going.

This turned out to be a big mistake because before I knew it, I had regained 7 kilos. So I joined Weight Watchers again. I lost the 7 kgs but couldn’t push it any further. So I left again and you guessed it regained some weight again.

This scenario went on and on. I decided that a different approach was in order so I started Lite and Easy. I lost 6 kgs in 10 weeks and was hungry for most of that time. As soon as I stopped? Yes again, I regained the 6 kgs.

I was angry and sad at the same time. The cartoon below sums up this stage of my life. Yes I’m the bird on the right.






Hell, I’ve Gained!

I was on holiday last week. I spent 8 days in beautiful New Caledonia.

The french influence in New Caledonia is very evident. Not only is French the official language but there are the most beautiful pastries and deserts. I ate quite a few of these. Throw in piña coladas and rum and cokes and there’s too many calories.

I weighed myself today. I’ve gained a few kgs.

Now it’s time to get back to business. My goal weight is 63 kgs. I didn’t just pluck that number out of the air. I have consulted a number of medical web sites and I have taken the average of them.

I have 6 kgs to lose now!

So here it is. I need some motivation and fast. I’ve wanted a Gucci handbag for some time now. This will be my reward. When I reach 63 kgs, I will buy myself one.

So it’s back to calorie counting for me.





Time to weigh in.


It’s been a month since I’ve been brave enough to step on the scales.

68 kgs (150 pounds) !!!

I’ve lost a kilo in a month. Well, a loss is a loss. I haven’t stuck to my calorie limits 100%, so I’m happy with that.

Only 5 kgs (11 pounds) more to lose and I’ll be at my ideal weight.

I’ve promised myself a Gucci handbag when I reach my goal weight. There are no Gucci stores near where I live, so I will just have to look at the handbags online.


I’m injured again.

My foot started to hurt in my ballet class three weeks ago.

It hasn’t got any better so I went to see a physiotherapist. I’ve either sprained my foot or I have a stress fracture.

No exercise for a week!!!

Next week, I will be assessed again and I might have to wear a boot for 6 weeks.

So my diet is now more important than ever. I’ll be keeping a close watch on every calorie that I consume.