I’m injured again

My foot started to hurt in my ballet class three weeks ago. It hasn’t got any better so I went to see a physiotherapist. I’ve either sprained my foot or I have a… Continue reading

Time to weigh in

It’s been a month since I’ve been brave enough to step on the scales. 68 kgs (150 pounds) !!! I’ve lost a kilo in a month. Well, a loss is a loss. I… Continue reading

Applies to weight loss as well

My running experience

I starting running 7 years ago. First of all, I ran on a treadmill in a gym. I was desperate to lose my pregnancy weight gain. I did lose some weight. But I… Continue reading

Stop Eating Bread!

I’m serious! Bread today is full of chemicals to lengthen it’s shelf life. These chemicals are not good for you. I only eat bread occasionally now. The day I stopped eating bread was… Continue reading

Lemon Detox Water

Love this drink! One lemon, one cucumber, fresh mint and some water. I drink this instead of high cal fizzy drinks.

Cross Trainer

With the weather in Sydney cold at the moment, I haven’t wanted to go outside much. A lot of my friends who live here prefer the winter, but not me. I’m doing most… Continue reading

Problem Solved

What do you do when your husband and kids are determined to have take away for dinner? This happens to me at least once a week. The other people in my family want… Continue reading

A little gem

I always have diet jelly in my pantry. I try to have some of it made up in my fridge at all times. Well I try. You see, my kids really like it… Continue reading

Hell, I’ve Gained!!

I was on holiday last week. I spent 8 days in beautiful New Caledonia. The french influence in New Caledonia is very evident. Not only is French the official language but there are… Continue reading