Weight Loss Tips


Always plan your daily food intake.

Whenever I follow a plan I always lose weight. Whenever I stop following a plan the weight always piles back on.

The first step is to work out your amount of kilojoules/calories per day.

The average adult should consume between 8000 and 9000 kjs a day. We all know that no-one is average.

Your kilojoule per day depends on your age, gender, height, weight and level of activity. I usually plan for around 7000 kjs per day.

This website contains some useful information for working out your daily kilojoule intake. http://www.healthyfoodguide.com.au/resources/nutrition-guidelines.


My basic food plan looks like this:

Breakfast 1400 kj

Mid morning snack 700 kj

Lunch 1400 kj

Afternoon snack 700 kj

Dinner 2800 kj


The next step is to add in the actual foods and their kilojoule value.


Creating a daily food plan.

Now for the fun part. Adding the actual food and the kilojoule or calorie value to your daily food plan.

A lot of products on the market have a nutrition information panel on the packet. The kilojoule value can be calculated according to the amount of food that you ate and added into your food plan.


Finding the Kilojoule/Calorie value of food

Finding the Kilojoule/Calorie value of food











For foods which don’t have a nutrition information panel, this link is very useful:


Here are two of my favourite food plans of about 7000 kj per day. One plan is for warm weather days and other is for cool weather days.


Warm weather food plan.


Belvita Breakfast Biscuits/975kj

Almonds 15g/365kj

Morning Snack:

Large Skim Latte/535kj

Small Apple/234kj



Medium Tomato/76 kj

Balsamic Vinegar Salad Dressing/88kj

3 Slices of Ham/329kj



Afternoon Snack:

Medium Banana/438kj



Tortilla wraps/60g/852kj

Lean minced beef/1/2 cup/808kj



Medium Tomato/76kj

Skim milk in coffee/100ml/150kj


Cool weather food plan.


Oats with water /50g/800kj

Honey /15g/212kj

Morning Snack:

Large Skim Latte /535kj



Chunky Beef Soup/562kj

2 slices Toast/612kj



Afternoon Snack:

Small Apple/234kj


Skim milk in coffee/100ml/150kj


Lean Cuisine Frozen Meal/1680kj




Weigh your food accurately.

First things first, it’s a good idea to buy some digital kitchen scales. Then you can weigh your food portions accurately and add up the kilojoules that you have consumed.

I know that this is tedious and boring but it’s crucial to losing weight.

I have pretty much always eaten healthy food but my portions weren’t always right. As a consequence I didn’t lose the weight and it left me feeling very frustrated.

As soon as I started to weigh my food the weight started to fall off.





Eating out without the weight gain.

We all know that restaurant and take away food isn’t always low in kilojoules.

I love going out and it’s more for the company of friends and the ambience. Here’s how to enjoy all that and keep your weight down.

It’s all in the planning.

First of all many restaurants have their menu on the internet. You can work out what you are having and by using the description of the dish, estimate it’s kilojoule value. Then you can fit it into your daily food plan.

A great choice for eating out is Japanese restaurants. I frequently take my kids to the local Japanese restaurant. Yes, it took a little bit of convincing that this was better than McDonalds (although a big tick to McDonalds for putting the kilojoules of their food on their menu boards).













Last time I went, I had vegetable tempura, miso soup and green tea (780 kilojoules).

As I usually plan for 2400 kilojoules for dinner there was room for some chocolate and a glass of bubbly when I got home.


Getting too hungry.

When I went to Weight Watchers (2008 and 2010), they taught me this fundamental fact.

Never let yourself get too hungry.


 Very hungry people don’t make good food choices!

I know that some hunger is to be expected in order to loose weight.

However, this week I let this happen to me. I was so busy taking kids to and from school, doing grocery shopping, after school appointments etc, etc, etc.

I had    gotten very hungry. So I bought the nearest thing that I could get my hands on.














After they were eaten, I looked them up on the internet, nearly 2000 kilojoules and my hunger wasn’t even satisfied.



A new strategy.

After what happened with the doughnuts last week, I have thought of a way to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Ok this is it. I will always be keeping a selection of healthy snacks in my handbag. Not rocket science I know.

So far it has worked well. No doughnuts this week.

Here are a few of my favourite morning and afternoon snacks. Fruit and nut mix, apple, mandarin, hummus chips and organic popcorn.







Problem Solved

What do you do when your husband and kids are determined to have take away for dinner?

This happens to me at least once a week. The other people in my family want some take away which always has too many calories for me.

Well, I always keep a selection of healthy frozen dinners in my freezer. This way they can have their take away and I can control my food (calorie) intake.

Everyone is happy!